Cabecar Indigenous Hike

The Talamanca Mountains are host to the Cabecar Indians, the largest indigenous group in Costa Rica, and one that retains many of its traditional customs and beliefs. In contrast to many other indigenous groups, the Cabecar do not live in villages, but prefer small family units scattered throughout this isolated region that includes the Pacuare zone.

The Zutkia, or shaman, plays a multifaceted role in Cabecar culture as priest, magician, metaphysician or healer.

From the Pacuare Lodge it is possible to visit an isolated family group to learn about their way of life, as well as enjoying the alluring tropical rainforest. The experience to walk to these family clan is a challenge due to the difficult conditions of the trails; nevertheless, the trail offers a wonderful opportunity to discover many secrets of the forest, interact with the ecosystem, and hike the same trails the Cabecar Indians have for centuries. After visiting with a nearby Cabecar family, we will begin our trek back down to the lodge.

*As an indigenous people with little contact with the outside world, the Cabecar can sometimes be shy and reclusive; this will influence the amount of time and contact visitors will have with the family..

We urge our guests to request permission from our guide before taking photographs of any Cabecar people. The Cabecar are very zealous of their customs and way of life and do not like to be photographed, and we strongly respect this wish.

A percentage of the tour cost goes directly to the Cabecar family and will be invested in sustainable projects with this community.

Duration:  approximately 4 to 5 hours and it is quite physically demanding.
Difficulty:   difficult.  A good physical condition is required

US$65 per person.



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