Pacuare Lodge

What to Pack

The following list of recommended travel items will help you make the most out of your experience at Pacuare lodge – indoors and out!

We look forward to your visit.


Recommended Packing List

Rafting Attire:

• 1 pair of shorts or leggings (quick dry is recommended)
• 1 short or long sleeve shirt (quick dry is recommended)
• Water shoes or sandals with straps
• Sunscreen

General Attire

• 1 pair of tennis shoes or sturdy shoes for hiking and walking the lodge grounds
• 1 swimsuit
• 1 lightweight hat with a wide brim or visor for sun protection
• 3 shirts: long or short-sleeved (quick dry recommended)
• 2 pairs of lightweight pants or shorts for hiking (quick dry recommended). Jeans can be worn at the lodge but are not recommended for hiking.
• 1 light sweater or sweatshirt
• 1 windbreaker or rain jacket (unlined Anorak or shell recommended)
• 3 sets of underwear
• 3 pairs of socks
• 1 extra pair of prescription glasses (if applicable)
• Sunscreen or sunblock
• Swimming goggles for the lap pool
• Insect repellent
• Toiletry kit
• Medications
Refillable water bottle

Recommended River Clothing and Equipment List for a 3 day/2 night Adventure

• Rafting Clothing Recommendations:
• 1 pair of shorts or leggings (quick dry recommended)
• 1 short or long sleeve shirt (quick dry recommended)
• Water shoes or sandals with straps
• 1 pair of tennis shoes or outdoor type shoes for hiking and for use on the lodge grounds
• 1 swimsuit
• 1 light cap with wide brim or visor for sun
• 3 shirts; long or short sleeved (quick dry recommended)
• 2 pairs of hiking pants or shorts (quick dry recommended)
• Jeans can be worn at lodge but not recommended for hikes
• 1 light sweater or sweatshirt
• 1 windbreaker or rain jacket; unlined Anorak, shell type
• 3 sets of underwear
• 3 pairs of socks
• 1 spare pair of glasses, if you wear prescription lenses
• Sunscreen or sunblock
• Swimming goggles for lap pool
• Insect repellent
• Toiletry kit
• Medications
• Refillable water bottle

*This list pertains to a 3 Day/2 Night stay. Please add 1 or 2 changes of clothing for each additional day at the lodge.

**All suites and villas are equipped with naturally sourced shampoo, conditioner, and body cream.

***At Pacuare Lodge, our electricity comes from renewable sources such as solar panels and turbines. Because the energy is limited, we ask that guests do not bring hairdryers or flat irons.

Please note that weather conditions frequently change in Costa Rica´s tropical rainforest. Daytime weather is usually hot and humid, with the possibility of rain. Average daytime temperatures are in the mid to upper 80’s F (28-30C). We ask that guests are prepared for sudden variations in weather conditions.

Optional Accesories

Camera (with a waterproof case)
1 small compressible day pack
• 1-2 bandanas
• Waterproof bag(s) for wet clothing
• Sunglasses
• Binoculars
• Headlamp

Long pants, a shirt, and a light jacket/sweatshirt are recommended for the drive back to San José.

*Important Notice for Guests stowing luggage at our Operation Center

To date, we have never had any incidence of theft at the Operation Center in Siquirres. However, please be advised that Pacuare Lodge/Aventuras Naturales is not responsible for lost or stolen objects. We recommend that guests use luggage locks on all bags.

We also recommend that guests refrain from storing valuables or important documents at our Operation Center. Guests should take said items with them to Pacuare Lodge (each room is equipped with a safety box).

Guests who leave luggage at our Operation Center facilities will be asked to sign a form consenting to the above conditions.

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