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Local Fusion Cuisine In Costa Rica

A Rainforest Culinary Experience Unlike Any Other. If you read the guest comments about the food at the Pacuare Lodge, you might get the impression that we have a chef trained in haute cuisine.

A Rainforest Culinary Experience Unlike Any Other

If you read the guest comments about the food at the Pacuare Lodge, you might get the impression that we have a chef trained in haute cuisine. It sure seems like it. The truth is that the lodge’s food is simply the product of our own love of cooking, a sentiment that we transferred to the jungle and emulsified – to use a culinary term – with the talent of our local staff, teaching them how to prepare memorable meals.

The Pacuare Lodge’s kitchen staff is made up of young people from nearby communities. We don’t really have a chef; we’ve simply developed the talent of local people and taught them the secrets of great food. We like to surprise our guests with novel combinations of flavors, local ingredients, innovative recipes, and beautiful presentations. It isn’t fancy, but it’s delicious enough to warrant opening a bottle of good wine, which is why we keep our cellar well stocked with vintages from around the world.

Local Experts, Longstanding Costa Rican Traditions

As we assembled our kitchen team, our primary goal was to find local people who loved to cook. Though they come from rural backgrounds, we’ve built upon their culinary traditions and nurtured their passion for cooking. The results are reflected by the hundreds of comments in the Pacuare Lodge’s guest book from people who were amazed to find outstanding food in such a remote and wild place.

As food enthusiasts, we make it a priority to purchase fresh and quality ingredients and to do innovative things with them, so it is not uncommon to see a fusion of Costa Rican and exotic dishes. Our menu is constantly evolving to reflect the influences of other countries and cultures that we visit, or whose cuisines we enjoy, but it will always be based on our culinary roots.

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Romantic Dinners

To make your stay at the Pacuare Lodge even more magical, consider booking a romantic dinner alongside the Pacuare River. We’ll set up an elegant, private table for you near the river’s edge, lit by a fire pit and candles and surrounded by nature. You can savor an exquisite meal under the stars, with a small fire crackling nearby and the soothing sounds of flowing water and tree frog chirps.

These dinners are also available for incentive groups, families, or others who desire a more private, unique dining experience.

Cabecar Food Experience

A taste of the rainforest – cooking with the Cabecar community

Guests can try an authentic culinary experience during their stay at Pacuare Lodge, preparing and eating dishes of the fascinating local Cabecar Indigenous people using local ingredients. These dishes are traditionally created for occasions when families gather together and all the ingredients are sustainably collected in the Nairi Awari Indigenous reserve. Guests learn how to prepare the food and then cook it using Cabecar methods. Some of the meal will then be served in the traditional way, with Pacuare Lodge’s own cooks on hand to add a few finishing touches to the delicious natural produce of the rainforest.

From Our Farm to Your Table

A memorable meal begins long before you savor that first bite. It starts with the selection of the best, freshest ingredients. At the Pacuare Lodge, you’ll enjoy delicious, fresh food that is organic and locally grown. We produce much of the fruit, vegetables and tubers served at the lodge’s restaurant on our own organic farm, Las Nubes de Tuis, in the mountains above the Pacuare River. There, we grow organic produce for the Pacuare Lodge’s kitchen with care and enthusiasm, because we know that our guests will appreciate the quality.

We’ve also taught local farmers organic farming methods so that they can supplement our farm’s production. To expand our culinary selection, we’ve started making organic goat cheese in addition to the traditional Turrialba cheese. It’s all part of our attention to detail and our commitment to supporting local communities, protecting the environment, and ensuring that every guest has a natural, healthy and enjoyable stay.

Nairi Awari Restaurant

Our commitment to providing our guests with the highest caliber service and accommodations extends wholeheartedly to our cuisine. At Nairi Awari Restaurant, diners are continually surprised by the exceptional quality, freshness, and flavor of each and every dish.

The ingredients we use are locally sourced, organic, and of exceptional grade. In fact, most of our fruits, vegetables, tubers, and herbs are grown on our own organic farm, Las Nubes de Tuis, which is located on the fertile mountain slopes of the Turrialba Volcano nearby. We also raise free-range chickens and goats, providing the lodge with fresh, conscientiously harvested meat, eggs, yogurt, and delicious cheeses. Our world-class menu changes with the seasons and ensures each delectable mouthful is prepared with the finest and freshest products available.

The Nairi Awari culinary team of local talent

All of our expert staff are local Costa Ricans from the small towns and indigenous communities nearby. Through dedicated training, working together, and sharing our vision of sustainable luxury, we’ve fostered an ambiance of unity and pride among our employees, which is evident in the quality and creativity of the food we serve.

A bit of the bubbly

Everyone knows that exceptional cuisine must be served with an exceptional wine. With this in mind, and in further keeping with our own gastronomic passions, we began to collect notable wines from around the world. Today, our guests can choose from over 80 different vintages.

If that wasn’t enough, we’ve also started our own on-site microbrewery and are proud to offer our patrons two unique craft beers, the Pacuare IPA and a crisp and refreshing Pale Ale. Guests will also find an assortment of tropical cocktails, mixed drinks, fine liquors and cordials, and local and international beer options.

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