About Us.

At Pacuare Lodge, we combine luxurious appointments, unmatched service, and our celebrated sustainability philosophy with the natural gifts that the Pacuare River gives us. Each of our bungalows is a unique, separate dwelling that’s close enough to the restaurant and reception that you won’t get lost on your way to dinner, but far enough in the rainforest that you’ll be fully immersed in the magic of our surroundings.

Founded in 1986, our company is one of the oldest and most respected tour operators in Costa Rica.

What We Offer.

We specialize in customized experiences that include everything from thrilling whitewater rafting adventures to romantic honeymoon getaways. We pride ourselves on quality outdoor trips that stand above the majority of adventure tours offered in Costa Rica, on exceeding our customer’s expectations, and on ensuring that every tour is entertaining, informative, and utterly unique.

In Harmony With Nature.

The Pacuare Lodge was built with minimal impact on the river and rainforest . No trees were cut to build the bungalows and facilities. Instead, lumber was purchased from a sustainable reforestation project operated by small farmers.

More than Tourism.

The Pacuare Lodge is engaged in various projects to study and conserve the wildlife in our area, in partnership with Costa Rican Universities and nonprofit organizations. We’ve also partnered with local communities to help improve their basic services and livelihoods, while working to raise environmental awareness. With your support, we can accomplish even more to ensure that the Pacuare River’s natural and cultural treasures are preserved for future generations.

Our Professional Staff

A spirit of adventure and true concern for the environment are just two of the driving forces for our staff.  

Our bilingual guides embody this spirit of adventure and demonstrate their concern for our precious environment on every trip to the wilds of Costa Rica’s tropical rainforests and beautiful rivers. Our guides are the best in the field and are highly experienced professionals who are certified in first aid, CPR, and swift-water rescue training. Many of our guides have additional certifications, such as wilderness first aid and first responder. Our top-notch office staff can develop custom programs and itineraries to meet the needs of the most demanding clients, whether couples or larger groups.

Local staff

They are some of the best in the field, highly experienced, professional guides who are certified in first aid, CPR and swift-water rescue training. Many of our guides have additional certifications such as wilderness first aid and wilderness first responder. Our professional office staff can develop custom programs and itineraries to meet the needs of the most demanding clients, whether couples or larger groups.

Safety Comes First

Safety is our primary concern, and we spare no effort to provide the highest quality standards and equipment, while striving for the most enjoyable experience possible. Our bilingual guides instruct guests on all safety measures before each trip, and a fully stocked first aid kit is available at all times. We reserve the right to cancel any trip or because of weather, unsafe water conditions, or any other circumstances that could endanger the safety of our guests and guides.



Tour Capacity

Maximum accommodation capacity at the Pacuare Lodge is 40 with double occupancy, or 57 with triple occupancy.


Pacuare Lodge is a simple and sophisticated Ecolodge that offers adventure and comfort in harmony with its surroundings, with a creative working team committed to create unforgettable experiences which transcend the life of travelers and collaborators.


Pacuare Lodge will be the best Ecolodge committed with sustainability, and consolidated as a world-wide leader, economically successful and with a happy working team that surpass the traveler´s expectations.

Principles and Values.

  • Honesty
  • Responsibility
  • Respect
  • Solidarity
  • Fellowship
  • Happiness
  • Love
  • Creativity
  • Authenticity
  • Humanity

Company Policy.

Pacuare Lodge is a leading Costa Rican company in the Tourism field, committed to ethical values and sustainable development. The company operates in a profitable way and cares for the quality of its travelers’ experience and offers the best working conditions for its employees.

Specific Policies.


Pacuare Lodge is a model company that promotes creativity, innovation and encourages the capacities of its employees to reach financial solidity and maintain leadership.


The company and all its employees are constantly searching to surpass the travelers´ expectations and fulfill the needs of its internal client.
The company makes immense efforts and facilitates the development of its working team’s skills and talents to promote their   general well- being and the company´s as well.  
Pacuare Lodge is committed to promote a working atmosphere that generates satisfaction and motivation, which extends at the homes and communities of our employees, as well as travelers.
The company is a leader and it is committed with sustainable practices,  conservation of the biodiversity and as  inspiration to other companies and institutions to develop joint actions and make a positive impact.  

The company takes care for the safety in all services that it offers and never puts its employees’ life or the travelers’ life at risk.  For this reason, it uses state of the art equipment and materials; and it is also monitoring its equipment and activities constantly, offering highly trained staff.  


Our commitment is to provide services always looking for excellence; implementing a system of continuous improvement through evaluation and monitoring.   
The company respects all its staff members and clients and offers the best conditions as part of its commitment with sustainability and ethics.
The company pursues the well- being of its neighboring  communities through joint actions and by promoting the self-management   
Businesses, and also by strengthening their cultural identity and stimulating the education and training of all its members.
Pacuare Lodge measures consciously the impact that it generates in all its activities and looks for the most effective ways to diminish its footprint and mitigate its emissions. The company considers all actions that allow it to be responsible regarding the climate change impacts. 


The Pacuare Lodge's story is closely linked to that of a child who grew up in rural Costa Rica, and who from the age of seven had an interest in business. Roberto Fernandez , the youngest son of a family of limited resource , attended public school in the town of Turrialba, and grew up in a region of rainforests, rivers and mountains that inspired his love of nature and adventure.

“Along with several friends from my neighborhood, I made my first trips down the Reventazon River in a raft designed for swimming pools, with life vests from Eastern Airlines and wooden paddles. The sight of us kids must have surprised the American tourists who saw us on some of the first commercial rafting trips down that river, in 1983. A few years later, I began working as a guide with one of the first rafting companies to be established in Costa Rica. It took about a year to learn the details of guiding, but the whole time I was dreaming of starting my own business. In 1987, I founded Aventuras Naturales, the company that built the Pacuare Lodge in 1995.

I was excited by the challenge of running a business and wanted do something new. At the age of 24, already running my own company, I purchased 14 acres along the Pacuare River as the first step toward my second dream – to build a lodge where tourists could enjoy the beauty of the Pacuare River and the nature that surrounds it.

Today, 22 years later, I can assure you that I have put my heart into this adventure. With plenty of effort, dedication, persistence and passion, I have achieved my dream. Along the way, I’ve been accompanied by many people who have also fallen in love with the project, and some of them have made it their home and their future.

In addition to caring about our people, we have made a major effort to conserve the wilderness around the lodge. We began with 14 hectares, but today we have 340 hectares of protected forest. Our forest reserve forms part of the Barbilla Biological Corredor, and it borders the land of the Nairi Awairi indigenous community, which is the home of some of our staff, who hike to work every day. With help from our guests, we support scientific research under a national jaguar-monitoring program, which has helped us to identify 10 jaguars and many other animals that live in our reserve. We are very happy to know that they too have their paradise.”