Jawa Juü Spa.

At the Pacuare Lodge´s Jawa Juü Spa, we use the soothing power of the rainforest, rhythmic massages and spa treatments with local, natural products to create a blissful sensory experience for the body and the mind…

Jawa Juü Spa

Pacuare Lodge

Jawa Juü Spa is a unique experience for the mind, body, and soul. We harness the rainforest’s natural energy to create a healing environment unlike any other. The Pacuare River Valley is home to the ancestors of the Cabécar indigenous people, who have lived in the middle of the rainforest for 3,000 thousand years.

The name Jawa Juü is derived from a Cabécar term meaning “the house of the healer.” Our spa treatments integrate the wisdom of ancient cultures and their traditions of spirituality and healing. We seek to preserve the past and grow with the future as an oasis of renewal and restoration.



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Jawa Juü Spa was born out of our deep understanding and passion for wellness, which we define as a way of life that focuses on physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing.

Guided by our ancestral heritage and influenced by the local Cabécar culture, our spa has been imbued with elements of all things special, restorative, and holy from our surroundings.


Our highly trained therapists are committed to excellence, enthusiasm, and pride in delivering personalized service. Our therapies combine ancient techniques with natural and organic products that provide balance.


Our products include natural essences, body oils, body scrubs, body wraps, body lotions, and facial products. All contain natural ingredients and are paraben free.

Highly effective in their treatment, they provide an ideal extension of our spa experience.